B2S.com At Netroots Nation – Day 1 – Minneapolis Has Pride! Who Knew?

Well after a very interesting 16.5 hour bus ride I arrived in Minneapolis to much non-fanfare and not knowing where the hell I was.  Eventually though I did find my hotel, no thanks to the cab driver who must have seen the blinking lights on my forehead that read “tourist” and was able to check-in early. Unfortunately though I drank so much coffee I was unable to sleep so I showered and took a little wander about the town and what did I find in Macy’s window?

I found this not only very comforting and very surprising considering that this is the land of Pawlety, Bachmann, and Bradlee Dean.  I knew that Macy’s did windows in new york and Boston but Minneapolis?  Who knew?

Good for Macys!   Now if they would just lower their mark-up I might just shop there.

More to come…..

What do you think?

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