B2S.com At Netroots Nation 11 LGBT Blogger PreCon – It’s About EQUALITY

It was a very busy day at the Netroots Nation 12 LGBT All Day Pre-Con touching on everything on how “bloggers” and “organizations” could work better together (transparency might help, and Orgs not being so snotty) to LGBT Immigration Issues, and ending with session on Gay Marriage.

And whenever you get a large group of people together, especially a group of over 100 opinionated LGBT’s there are things that you will hear that you will agree with and there are some things that you won’t. And that was true today.

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the things I heard today were upsetting to say the least, and I am sure that I annoyed a great many people also, but I do not judge or begrudge the right of the people who said them to voice them.  But Iam upset  just kind of disappointed in the way that some judged me.  And that’s all I’ll say for now (Until I am out of town at least)

I have to say though I am grateful to be here.  I learned a lot today both good and bad.   I am coming away from it seeing just how fragmented that the LGBT Community is on issues. But I also walk away from today in a sense of awe from seeing the great amount energy, passion and dedication that sat in that room with me.

I may not agree with all of you all but I do admire every single person in that room for being there, fighting for what  they believe in,  and taking a stand for LGBT equality.

What do you think?

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