B2S.com At The Netroots Nation 11 LGBT Blogger PreCon – Morning Session Round-up

Well here I at the Netroots nation LGBT Pre Con and I have a question for you.

What do you get when you put over 110 LGBT Bloggers and Activist in a room?

Overwhelemed and a headache!

But seriously the diversity of the group is just simply amazing!  Everyone from grassroots bloggers to professional. LGBTQI’s bloggers are present and there’s even  a ST8 Blogger!  But alas no male lesbian bloggers.  Even the Human Rights Campaign and GLADD (had the nerve) to show up.  And so many issues have been touched on so far this morning.  You name it, we’ve touched on it.

How can we engage more effectively across race/ethnicity?
How can we engage more effectively across generation lines?
How can we engage more effectively faith/non-faith lines?
Identifying the 5 key gaps in the movement.  (That one we actually came up with a few more than 5 to be totally honest)

I tell you its been a range of emotions I’ve undergone inonly three hours.  From the elation of being part of a group and being heard to the despair of seeing just how fragmented we are as a community we actually are and exactly how much more we need to do to achieve full equality, not only bloggers and groups but as individuals

Over the next few days I’ll be uploading 5 minute videos of various blogger in attendance everyone from Jeremy Hooper from As Good As You to the lovely and talented Ian Awesome of the One Angry Queer  blog (who has a secret past we will be exposing this week) so everyone can finally meet the people behind the posts and tweets.

Well the afternoon session is about to start. 

Wish me luck everyone and if anything happens my blood type is A B-

What do you think?

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