After Public Outcry Gay Police Officer WILL Be Allowed To Wear Uniform At Gay Pride Parade

After a huge public outcry and threats of a lawsuit Officer Andrew Johnson, a California corrections officer will now be allowed to wear his uniform in the famous West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade.

Johnson who was originally told by his superiors at the women’s jail in Chino, Calif., that wearing his uniform in the parade would breach a regulations could “discredit” the department went public with the story yesterday and hired famed civil rights lawyer Gloria Alred to take on the case as charges were files with California State Authorities yesterday.

“It’s important to him because he’s not ashamed of being gay,” said Gloria Allred.  “He just wants to be treated equally. It’s just really about equality.”

Now, less than 24 hours later the California  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has rescinded its refusal to allow  making way for Johnson to march proudly in uniform.

“The decision was made solely on an interpretation of an admittedly ambiguous section of the Department Operation Manual as it relates to unauthorized use of the CDCR uniform. Upon review, CDCR acknowledges that the DOM is outdated and requires careful revision. CDCR apologizes to Officer Johnson and any Californian who may have been offended by the original decision.”

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