30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan During Anti-Gay Comedy Routine: If My Son We’re Gay I’d Stab That Little Ni**er To Death.

On July 4th Tracey Morgan, “comedienne and one of the star of NBC’s  appeared at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to perform a comedy show.  But according to reports what Morgan actually performed was an insulting  homophobic rant that lasted for over 30 minutes.

Kevin Rogers (who was in attendance at the Ryman show),  Morgans disgusting display included:

-Morgan talking about how he feels all this gay shit was crazy and that women are a gift from God and that “Born this Way” is bullshit, gay is a choice, and the reason he knows this is exactly because “God don’t make no mistakes” (referring to God not making someone gay cause that would be a mistake).

-Morgan said that there is no way a woman could love and have sexual desire for another woman, that’s just a woman pretending because she hates a fucking man. He took time to visit the bullshit of this bullying stuff and informed us that the gays needed to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.

-Morgan mentioned that gay was something kids learn from the media and programming, and that bullied kids should just bust some ass and beat those other little fuckers that bully them, not whine about it. He said “If my son that was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man or he would pull out a knife and stab that little ni**er to death.”

-Morgan also said that Barack Obama needed to man up and quit being all down with this just because he has a wife and two daughters. All of this being followed by thunderous cheer and “You go Tracys”. Tracy then said he didn’t fucking care if he pissed off some gays, because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass… they can take a fucking joke.

Sounds hysterical doesn’t it. Perhaps Mogan forgets that he’s one step away from going back to the SyFy Channel and hosting Scare Tactics again, if they’d even have him after that.

 Truth Wins Out has called on the actor to respond to the allegations. In a press statement, TWO’s Director of Social Media

“In an era when strong role models like CNN’s Don Lemon are coming out, and public figures from the San Francisco Giants to the President of the United States are loudly proclaiming their support for LGBT youth victims of anti-gay bullying, it is disgraceful for any role model to inject such hatred into the discourse. The last year has seen far too many reports of gay or gay-perceived youth either attempting or completing suicide as a result of anti-gay bullying. If Tracy Morgan indeed did say these things, he needs to respond immediately with either an explanation or a contrite apology.”

In my opinion more than an apology is needed.  If you Google “Tracy Morgan Homophobic,” you will find a history of his gay bashing stand up shows back to 2008

It’s not and never will be funny when you joke about killing your son if he were gay, or joke about all the kids who have lost their lives due to anti-LGBT bullying

You can contact 30 Rock via the NBC website by CLICKING HERE

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