Video – Independent Recording Artist Holly Elle’s Song For Acceptance "Freak"

I received this email today from Holly Elle an independent recording artist based out of Nashville, TN. and I’d like to share it with you.

My name is Holly Elle and I am a Canadian independent recording artist based out of Nashville, TN. I moved to the US four years ago to pursue my dream: to create music that will touch people’s lives and make a difference. Last year I became extremely disturbed by the coverage of one teen suicide after another happening right here in America. It consumed my thoughts daily, the idea that a kid could feel so alienated, so hopeless, that they felt they had to go and jump off a bridge. I awoke suddenly at 4am one night with an idea, I quickly wrote it down and the very next day took it to my brother, who is also a trusted songwriting partner. It was to be our own version of an “it gets better” message, an anthem of empowerment, some way to let these kids know that is was cool to be different… if they could just hang on.
I knew that this was a message that needed to be heard, and that the song could be a vessel though which real awareness, and therefore change, could occur. I have always believed in the power of music to move people. So I am trying to use what I do to be a part of the solution. I decided to make a video for the song to further the creative vision, something I had never done before and had no idea how to go about doing. Long story short, as with anything important that one is passionate about, I figured it out. Through a series of chance meetings and lucky breaks, combined with a lot of sheer faith and hard work, it happened. I managed to find all the right people who believed in the project so much that they worked at a discount or in some cases for free, just so we could make it happen. And I am so proud of it.
Now my job is to continue to try and spread the word of love and acceptance to all as best I can, and that was how I was lead to you. I found a list of the best and most relevant LGBT bloggers and there you were! So I would like to submit the video to you. My greatest hope is that you will love it enough to share it, but even if you only watch it once and move on, every little bit helps.
Peace, Love and FREAK!

Holly Elle

Thank you Holly.   

Your caring and all your hard work is amazing, heart touching and totally appreciated!

What do you think?

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