(Video) Actress Keira Knightly Googles "Santorum": “I feel like my innocence has been taken away"

Kiera Knightly is making the rounds on the talk show circuit  promoting her new movie, “Last Night.”

Well last night Keira landed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to plug her movie but wound up learning about Rick “Man On Dog” Rick Santorum and his tiny……..internet problem. (Thanks to the AWESOME Dan Savage)

After showing a clip of the last GOP debate, Jon suggested last night on The Daily Show that “you might have to Google” to get a better grip on who the candidates are.

And Keira did just that.

“I just Googled Santorum,” Keira shared with Jon. “I feel like my innocence has been taken away. It was the use of the word frothy.”

Watch below!

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