SHOCK! – Wisconsin Governor "Darth" Scott Walker WILL NOT Defend Domestic Partner Registry

On June 29th, 2009, Former Democratic Wisconsin Governor Doyle signed domestic partnerships into law in Wisconsin making Wisconsin the first state in the Midwest to legislatively enact extensive protections for same-sex couples including:  The transfers of real estate between domestic partners, inherit from the estate of domestic partner who dies without a will, and employees who are covered by the state Family Medical Leave Act may take up to 2 weeks off per year to care for a domestic partner even though Wisconsin has  a constitutional amendment banning both marriage equality and civil unions. (For a full summary of the domestic partnership protections, see the Legislative Fiscal Bureau paper🙂

Since the enactment of Domestic partnership legislature it has been challenged by anti-gay groups such as  Wisconsin Family Action claiming that the registry be declared unconstitutional to no avil.  But now GOP Governor and Koch Brothers butt boy Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has told a judge he wants to stop defending that state’s domestic partner registry in court because he doesn’t believe it’s constitutional.

“Darth Walker” has filed a motion  asking to withdraw the defense entirely.

“If the governor determines that defending a law would be contrary to the state’s constitution, he cannot order the defense of the law because of his oath to support the Wisconsin Constitution,“ Walker’s attorney, Brian Hagedorn, wrote in the motion. “To allow the previous administration’s analysis to bind a subsequent administration would be contrary to what justice requires.“
Lambda Legal has joined Fair Wisconsin and several same-sex couples in the fight to ensure the domestic partner registry remains in Wisconsin as of this time over 1,500 same-sex couples have registered for the partnership

President Obama has been called everything from a Communist to Satan for deciding not to defend DOMA by the Republican party.  Will they say the same of Walker for not defending Domestic Partnerships?

Don’t count on it.

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