The REAL Reason HRC Gave A Pass To The Companies Behind The TN Anti-Gay Bill – MONEY!

Yesterday The Human Rights Campaign issued a statement about the Tennessee’s LGBT hate law SB 632/HB 600 that repealed LGBT protections in Nashville and set into place a law effectively outlaws all local LGBT rights laws statewide and bans any future discrimination protections not already offered by the state of Tennessee which of course does not include sexual orientation.

HRC’s Statement read:

“In an apparent attempt to score cheap political points, Tenn. Governor Bill Haslam has ignored the business community and signed into law a bill that wipes out county and city anti-discrimination laws, despite the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry reversing their earlier support and now opposing the bill. The measure – SB 632/HB 600 – passed the legislature last week and was designed to remove protections for LGBT Tennesseans by prohibiting cities and counties from enacting discrimination bans. Since there are no state protections for sexual orientation or gender identity, the Governor’s signature of this bill becomes a green light for anti-LGBT discrimination across the state…….Discrimination should have no place in the Volunteer State and the Chamber [of Commerce]’s opposition to this law sent a strong signal that corporations are on the leading edge of positive change. In contrast Governor Haslam has put discrimination ahead of the state’s values and even business interests by signing this horrible legislation.” – Joe Solmonese

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and some o the following companies that were behind this bill: Nissan, FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare.  Did indeed come out against the bill. ONLY after they were caught and it was apparent that they knew the ramifications of this Bill against the LGBT population of Tennessee and ONLY when it was too late to do any good. 

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce held its statement until 20 seconds literally 20 seconds – before the governor signed the bill into law, making it utterly worthless

So why is Joe Solmonese and the HRC, the United States’ largest LGBT advocacy group giving the companies listed above that worked with the GOP and the religious right to push this hateful anti-gay bill a “get out of jail free card”?  MANY of them are highly rated on HRC Equality Index and are also HRC Sponsors.

A simple Google search shows:

Comcast – Annually sponsors various Annual HRC Fundraising Galas   *AT&T    Donates and sponsors HRC Events and even has an award named after it, the AT&T E-Hero Award  which is presented at the HRC Fundraising Gala.  *DuPont has been recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the best places to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender peopleDupont has been officially recognized as one of the BEST companies for LGBT workers.  *Pfizer is a sponsor of HRC and has also scored a 100% on HRC’s Equality Index for 6 consecutive years.  *Blue Cross/Blue Shield sponsors the HRC Equality Gala in North Carolina.  *Whirlpool’s  Mark McLane is currently the Director of Global Diversity of Whirlpool is on the HRC Business Council and Whirlpool also scored a perfect 100% on HRC’s Equality Index

In less than 10 minutes I found out that almost half the companies involved in backing Tennessee’s LGBT hate law SB 632/HB 600 are sponsors of, and have connections to the Human Rights Campaign.   THIS is the real reason HRC is giving them a pass and has sent out press releases with enough “spin” to make a whirling dervish nauseous to cover for the companies asses that are involved.

Obviously money and sponsorship to keep their Gala’s rolling, their 8 million dollar headquarters all nice and shiny, and Joe Solmonese’s 350k a year salary intact is more important than standing up, putting the blame where it should lay and the LGBT Community’s Equality.

I’m not really a religious man to say the least, but there is a passage from the Bible that rings true.

No man can serve God and Money.  And obviously in the HRC’s case, the HRC cannot serve Equality and Money. The HRC should be ashamed.  And we should be ashamed to have them as “our leaders”

A time for a change has come. 

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  1. effin love it! god i knew there was some shadiness behind this. Because had HRC had no connections with these companies they would be screaming like lunatics at these traitors…

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