National Organization for Marriage’s Anti-Gay Marriage Hate Mailer: It’s Always About The Children

The National Organizations for Marriage is  investing a whopping $500k in their battle against gay marriage in New York State by papering the state in “hate mailers”  The mailers, that are being sent out to random New Yorkers play on the fear of children being “corrupted” and “poisoned” by gays and gay marriage.

It’s an old lie, but a message that hate groups have used for a very long time to whip up anger and they target these mailing strategically amongst minorities and families.

$500,000.00 can by and spread a lot of hate flyer’s.

How much is the HRC and Gay Inc investing in mailers to combat these?  ZERO.

So if we lose.  And I hope that we don’t because if we lose New York it will not bode well for us, you know who to blame and why.  And  the blame will only partially be  NOM’s fault.

You can see one of the NOM New York State mailers by CLICKING HERE. 

What do you think?

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