MN Heavy Metal Hate "Minister" Bradlee Dean Canned From His Anti-Gay Radio Talk Show!

Michele Bachmann’s boytoy and LGBT hate “minister” Bradlee Dean has been DUMPED by Salem Communications.

AM 1280 The Patriot, owned by Christian broadcaster Salem Communications, has dropped Dean’s “Sons of Liberty” radio show, and to top it off Dean has been BITCHSLAPPED by Wal-Mart who has told Dean’s “ministry”, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, that it can no longer fundraise (panhandel) in the parking lots of its Minnesota locations.

AM 1280 pulled Dean after he engaged in a six-minute song mocking African Americans and then likened President Obama to Osama bin Laden.  This was one day BEFORE Dean stood before the Minnesota House and offered a “prayer” that resulted in an outcryt House members.

 Dean’s “fundraising” at Wal-Mart stores came to a head on Tuesday after Sally Jo Sorenson of Bluestem Prairie noticed them outside the Hutchinson Wal-Mart and attempted to ask ministry employees questions about their fundraising.  When Walmart was notified Wal-Mart they found out that the “ministry” falsified information in its application to raise funds at the stores.

“They registered their request to solicit outside the store using a false name,” Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie said. “As soon as we learned the group’s true identity, they were asked to leave.”

Hey Bradlee you reap what you sow!  Bend over and take it like a man……..BEEYATCH!

You can run but you can’t hide!  Bwahahahahahaha!

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