Minnesota Legislature Puts Amendment Banning Gay Marriage On Ballot In 2012

Minnesota which is trying its damnedest to beat Tennessee and Mississippi as the most gay-hating state in America took a step closer to its goal on late Saturday as the Minnesota Republican heavy legislature voted 70 to 62 to place an amendment banning gay marriage the ballot for 2012. The Senate approved the proposed amendment earlier in May largely along party lines.

Even though Minnesota law already bans gay marriage, the sponsors of the amendment want to enshrine homophobia and hate into the states credo with the amendment saying that a constitutional amendment would ensure that  legislators or a small group of judges could not change it after its been voted on and passed. 

Republican Representative Steve Gottwalt said  “This is not about hatred, it is not about discrimination or intolerance,” but never went on to finish and say what it’s really is all about mostly because IT IS all based  in hatred , discrimination, and intolerance and there is no other explanation.

One Republican lawmakers did stand up against the Amendment and that was Republican Representative John Kriesel, who was severely wounded in the Iraq war, said the amendment did not represent the state and country he fought.  “If there was a ‘hell no’ button right here, I would press it, that would be the one I’d press, but unfortunately I just have ‘nay’ and that’s the one I am going to press.” Kriesel said.

One would think that with a $5.1 billion gap facing the state and a 7 percent unemployment rate that Republican led legislature would have more important issues to worry about

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