Mexican LGBT Activist Leija Herrera Murdered

Leija Herrera, the 33 years old Mexican LGBT activist who fought for the legislature in 2009 the Law Against Discrimination, was found  murdered  between 4 and 5 in the early hours of yesterday on the side of the Palace of Culture and the city of Chilpancingo.

Leija Herrera promoted initiatives to legalize gay adoption, decriminalize abortion, add legislative representative for lesbians and homosexuals, as well as condemed the interference of the Catholic Church in activities of the state.

The president of the State Commission for Human Rights (CODDEHUM), Juan Alarcón Hernández, lamented the killing of Quetzalcoatl and has called upon the attorney general, Alberto López Rosas, to legally intervene in order to shed light on the murder of Herrera, and give exemplary punishment to the real perpetrators of the murder – via *SDGLN

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