Massachusettes Bay Transit Authority Allows "May 21st Judgement Day" Adverts On Buses

The Massachusettes Bay Transit Authority has always been hard up for cash.  But are they so hard up that they need to sell ad space to crazy Christomaniac’s who are declaring that May 21st will be the day of the “Rapture”?

And our survey says YES!

Recently the MBTA have displayed several billboards that say, “Judgement Day May 21…Cry Mightily Unto God…The Bible Guarantees it.”  The “Judgement Day” movement is led by a man named Harold Camping who runs the evangelical Family Radio Worldwide who claims that “the earth will be destroyed due to mankind’s sins and all Christian believers will ascend to heaven.”  Of course Camping’s soon to be “kool-aid drinking” group also seems to have some ideas about homosexuality. One Boston resident found this offensive message on the Family Radio website after seeing the billboards: “Gay Pride: Sign of the End.” One angered Bostonian tweeted at the MBTA GM: “Do you have any standards for your advertisers?”

And our survey says NO!

Ah the MBTA.  The first Mass Transit System in America.  And still the worst!

What do you think?

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