IMO – What I’ve Learned From The Westboro Baptist Church – By Josh Hughes

One of the best things Josh Kilmer-Purcell ever did for me was open my eyes to the facts of the Westboro Baptist Church. I’ve learned many a ‘trick of the trade’ from Shirley Phelps-Roper, one of which is love thy neighbor. The other is ‘connect the dots’.

Here is my standpoint. I am a homosexual agnostic (only in as much as if you COULD prove it to me, I might bother to listen, otherwise i could care less) who FULLY and ADAMANTLY supports the Phelps Family, the Westboro Baptist Church and the work they do! Confused? Perplexed? You shouldn’t be… and here’s why.

No one organization has done more to further the rights of the LGBT community, or for that matter to bring this country together on any issue, than Fred Phelps and the WBC. 99.9% of Americans, and maybe the world, think they are a complete disgrace and don’t want to be associated with them in any way, shape, or form, and will go to great lengths to be disassociated with them, including re-evaluating their stand on LGBT issues. They do my cause a great service… now when faced with a homophobic conservative I get to use the argument “oh, so you follow the teachings of the WBC?” As you can well imagine, especially with the military funeral picketing, this gives everyone pause! As Shirley would say, ‘It’s the hypocrisy of it all that’s the worst’.

During a trip to Central Michigan University last fall, she rebuked a student’s anti-gay marriage stance by saying…“Well you stinking hypocrite. What kind of a pig are you? You mean they can be gay but you’re not going to let them marry? You’re going to deny them the… Why? WHY? You told them it’s okay to be gay but that they can’t get married? By what rationale, where do you get that standard? That stinking hypocritical standard?”

She comes back to the hypocrisy of it all the time, and this should give you pause. We know where they stand, they don’t hide it, and they are not a threat. The threats lurk in those that are hypocrites, who say one thing and do another. That “love the sinner and hate the sin” crowd, that are terrorizing us in secret via the voting booth, and denigrating us with their checkbooks via the PAC’s! It’s time to STOP THE HYPOCRISY!

While everything I’ve written thus far is true, and I defend it wholeheartedly, there is a much bigger issue that should make all of us very grateful to the Phelps family. I don’t know of any group of people in the history of this country that have done more to protect the First Amendment than Phelps Chartered Law Firm. I truly hope that they, and our rights, last long enough to picket my funeral. My advice… Offer them hot chocolate and thank them for their help… REALLY!

*Josh Hughes is a 30’s something non-typical accountant type. He spends his 9-5’s in the non-profit sector helping to solve the housing crisis one simple affordable house at a time in a chilly northern Michigan city. In the evenings, he helps small businesses get started, get bigger, and get better in northern Ontario Canada. In his “spare” time, he likes to think that all the classes he’s taking are leading to an MBA. You can follow his daily rants and raves on twitter at @joshhughes75. Aside from speaking his mind, his other hobbies include; music, reading and long walks on the beach… all with booze!  Josh’s editorial feature ‘IMO’ will be featured here on twice weekly (when he’s sober)!

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