Hate Group President Tony Perkins And The Family Research Council Just LOVE Tennessee

“After harassing law firms, sports figures, restaurants, and average Americans, homosexual activists are starting to show the public what they really are. Intolerant. Lawmakers in Tennessee witnessed the bullying firsthand, when the state tried to stop policies that are bad for business and worse for the economy. The Left had been trying to use local governments to demand special employment rights for gays and lesbians. Yesterday, Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law that will keep private companies from being held hostage by homosexual activists.

Starting this month, cities and counties can no longer adopt anti-discrimination policies that are stricter than state law. It all started with a Nashville city ordinance that required private government contractors to give special preference to gays in lesbians in hiring and firing decisions. By signing SB 632 into law, Gov. Haslam erased the Nashville measure and freed up companies to run their businesses the way they see fit. Thanks to local pastors and former state Sen. David Fowler at the Family Action Council of Tennessee, employers will be the ones dictating office policy–not the liberal government.” – Tony Perkins cumming in his pants over the LGBT Hate in Tennessee

Being called “intolerant” by a guy on the same list of certified haters like the KKK and has DIRECT TIES TO THE KKK is astounding  Hollywood screen writers couldn’t come up with this shit if they tried…

Hey Tennessee, maybe you can get Tony to be your official tourism spokesman.  Of course you’d have to change the states name to TeKKKessee but with your politicians that shouldn’t be hard.

What do you think?

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