The Great Google – Blogger Crash of 2011 Is OVER! – IS BACK!

Well it seems that the Great Google – Blogger Crash of 2011 is over (we hope).
In case you missed on the fun, ALL Google Blogs around the word were unable to publish for about 24 hours and have lost a days worth of posting.  But thems the breaks kids and there’s no use crying over lost posts so here’s a quick recap of some of what you might have missed.
  1. *Margaret Gallagher Srivastav is STILL A BITCH!
  2. *Tony Perkins is STILL a KKK connected asshole.
  3. *Peter LaBarbera is still an undercover S&M closet queen who owns assless chaps
  4. *The GOP/Republican Party is fucking insane.
  5. *Sarah Palin is a Cylon (With a major malfunction)
  6. *And last but not least……  Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum is STILL having that “frothy” internet problem.Thanks for hanging in there everybody……
I’ll be updating the blog and posting again in a bit. And this weekend will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

NOW if only I could get into TWITTER.

What do you think?

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