Ex-Gay Brainwashing Cult Leader Alan Chambers Bullies Woody From Toy Story Over Google Chrome’s "It Gets Better Commercial"

Just when you thought they couldn’t get lower or more ridiculous comes this news that “ex-gay” screaming queen Alan Chambers (above left)  president of the “Christian” ex-gay reconditioning cult Exodus International.   EI is the  worldwide umbrella group for other ex-gay cults and has more than 100 affiliated ministries or the counselors which uses prayer and denial as the tools to supposedly “change” GLBT people into heterosexuals. This process can involve mind control that alters behavior, but not sexual orientation.

Anyway Miss Chambers is INCENSED over the fact that Disney has allowed the animated character Woody from their Toy Story franchise, which many gay youth have grown up to Google Chrome commercial featuring Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project”  to encourages bullied kids both LGBT and Straight not to suicide which aired during last weeks episode of “GLEE” and also aired Sunday Night after the season finale of “The Amazing Race” which has a very gay friendly and gay positive attitude in including gay and lesbian contestants.

Chambers whined to The Christian Post entitled “Woody Endorses Homosexuality”

“Children all over the world, including my two children are fans of ‘Toy Story’ and to see a character like that endorsing something that at this point children have no need to know about, it’s disappointing,” (His children are adopted by the way he has not become “that STR8”)

So Chambers is disappointed that ‘Woody’ and Disney support helping boys and girls so that their parents don’t find they have committed suicide to escape the torment that people like Chambers throws upon them.

Chambers should be reminded that many children feel they have nowhere to turn and no one that will accept and understand them, and with good reason since many have been disowned by those that are supposed to love, them when they find out they are gay.  And these are the same people who preach against abortion and claim that “every life is special and deserves love”.  Every life that is except an LGBT one.

Disney is acting in a more Christian manner, than many of these “so-called Christian’ cults like EI will ever.

Its more than time for the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association to step forward and outlaw Exodus International and other dangerous “conversion therapy” cults and put self loathing disgusting, dangerous, and closeted queens like Chambers out of a job.

What do you think?

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