Edge News Accuses Marriage Equality Rhode Island Of Selling Out For Civil Unions Deal

National gay media outlet The EDGE  has published an article accusing —Marriage Equality Rhode Island—of actually undermining the cause and striking a deal for Civil Unions.

According to the Edge it has numerous sources that state that even though Marriage Equality Rhode Island has  publicly advocated for gay marriage, behind the scenes some Marriage Equality Rhode Island officials struck a deal with current and former Dem legislators to the legislation in favor of a civil unions compromise

Larry Berman, a spokesman for openly gay House Speaker Gordon Fox who “suddenly” decided to back civil unions and not gay marriage said:  “The allegations discussed in this story by unnamed sources are totally inaccurate. There were never any deals made with anyone. To the contrary, MERI strongly opposed the decision made by Speaker Fox to support a civil unions’ bill.”

Joe Siegel, who wrote his story for Edge stands by it 100 percent. He  ultimately received confirmation of his story from five separate sources—all with ties to MERI.

You can read the whole shameful story HERE

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