UPDATE – AP Article Proved False – Conflicting Reports Say That Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Dropped – A

UPDATE: Jim Burroway from Box Turtle Bulletin passed along info that the AP Article which states that the “Kill the Gay” Bill has been dropped is FALSE – (DAMMIT!)

The Associated Press is reporting that “Uganda’s parliament appears to have dropped plans to debate a controversial anti-gay bill after global condemnation.. The anti-gay bill was first proposed in late 2009 but it wasn’t debated until last Friday. The bill had been scheduled to be debated again on Wednesday but was dropped from parliament’s updated schedule.”
But Warren Throckmorten is reporting:

UPDATE: 12:50pm Kampala, 5/11) – I just spoke with Ranny Ismail, spokeswoman for Parliament, who told me that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is still in committee. The report on the bill is indeed complete but in their procedure, the bill is still considered in committee and is not on the agenda for business today. However, she said that Parliament could carry forward all unfinished business in all committees if a member makes a motion to do so and it passes. She says this has happened before. This information is in contrast to what committee chair Stephen Tashobya told me on several occasions, although I assume now that he was addressing the fate of the AHB specifically if a motion to continue is not made. Because she was unsure about the fate of such a motion, she said she would not know the final outcome until about 7pm in Kampala

Uganda needs international aid from foreign governments, international agencies like the IMF, World Bank, etc., and NGOs.  Uganda is a member of the British Commonwealth. Uganda is a member of the UN Now one would think  think these various institutions and agencies could put sufficient pressure on those in Uganda who are responsible to stop this Bill

And also one would think that the United States of America would chastise and punish the American Christomaniacs who went to Uganda to speak about ways of ”curing” gay people and because of thier denunciations of homosexuality as a threat to family values added fuel to the fire. They were heard by thousands, including the future architects of the kill-the-gays bill.

And lets talk about Tony perkins and Family Research Council, which  lobbied Congress to soften a House resolution condemning the murderous bill, even though FRC says it opposes Uganda’s anti-gay proposal and  the New Apostolic Reformation movement and Lou Engle’s TheCall.

It’s time that we purposely expose and destroy these anti-gay christomaniac groups once and for all.

What do you think?

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