Audio – Listen To The COMPLETE Soundtrack From Trey Parker & Matt Stones: "The Book Of Mormon"!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “The Book of Mormon” is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway and has nabbed a whopping 14 Tony Award nominations

The real miracle of The Book of Mormon, though, is how solid the musical storytelling is.

Whats that you can’t make it to NYC to drop a couple of hundred on tickets?

You can’t wait till June to buy the Broadway Cast Album?

Well no worries!  NPR is streaming the ENTIRE “Book of Mormon” Soundtrack in its ENTIRETY!

“The Book of Mormon,” about two Mormon missionaries who find more than they bargained for in Africa, was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of Comedy Centrals irreverent “South Park,” and Robert Lopez, co-creator of the equally irreverent Tony Award-winning musical “Avenue Q.”

So head over to NPR and listen to the ENTIRE Soundtrack from “The Book of Mormon” at NPR by Clicking HERE!

*Make sure to hear “Turn It Off”- a  number about how Mormons repress negative feelings and desires in order to be relentlessly cheerful, sung by the hilarious Mormon Elder ensemble at the Ugandan mission. Of course, the Mormon stance on gays is here lampooned with the repressed Elder McKinley. “Imagine your brain is made up of boxes, and you take the gay box and CRUSH IT.”

What do you think?

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