Anti-Gay Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) Flaunts His Body For Men’s Health Magazine

Anti-Gay Illionois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock one of the youngest members of Congress who has voted against EVERY LGBT Equality Bill that has passed by him has chosen to show off his gym sculpted abs to a magazine who has a large audience of who hates him most in this months issue of Men’s Health Magazine.hose

Scock, I mean Schock who is not married but denies that he is gay hopes that hopes his good looks and celebrity publicity “is going to stop from clicking the channel and listen to what I have to say.”

Note to Aaron:  Dude you are NOT THAT HOT (okay maybe you are) but you damn ugly on the outside and the only way I’d hit you is with a stick.

I am ooking forward to the day that TMZ does the story of this self-loathing homophobe male himbo being caught in a Restroom on I-75 getting gang banged by a bunch of large hairy truckers and bikers

What do you think?

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