AFA Hate Group: "Children Will Be Required To Participate In Mock Gay Wedding On Harvey Milk Day"

The nationally recognized hate group the American Family Association is really shoveling on the shit when it comes to Harvey Milk Day this year.

“Though the Golden State’s “Harvey Milk Day” falls on a Sunday this year, pro-family activists are still concerned about the curriculum and activities that will involve children. Teachers and school officials may commemorate the late San Francisco activist in public school classrooms, assemblies or announcements, without the consent of parents…. Children will be required to participate in exercises that honor Milk, which *could* include mock homosexual “weddings” and cross-dressing contests, as well as writing or reading activities.”

What a bunch of maniacs.  But you know whats even sadder and scarier is that these lunatics actually have followers that believe their bullshit. 

Perhaps also the activities for Harvey Milk Day *could* also include human sacrifices of homophobic, Christomaniac, self-important assholes as well. Now that would make for a festive holiday!

Just saying……

What do you think?

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