Video – San Francisco Mom Freaks Over Field Trip To The Castro – Choosy Moms Choose Homophobia

A San Francisco mother was so upset over the fact that her child’s school were taking the 8 year old second graders on a field trip to the Castro as a part of series of multi-cultural and historical trips to learn about thge different San Francisco neighborhoods that included the Mission section and Chinatown.  The woman not only complained to the school and kept her child home but also called a local newstation and flipped out on television.  (And even brought her central casting gay friend along to prove she wasn’t a homophobe……  even though she really is.

By her reactions you’d think that the kids were taking a trip to EROS Bathouse or Dore Alley,”Up Your Alley” Leather Street Fair instead of a short tour of the neighborhood and  a visit stopping at the Harvey Milk Elementary School.

Between the “I have a gay friend” which is a well known catch phrase used  to cover her homophobia and Michael the “gay friend” going on television speaking such misinformed information and ill regarding the  LGBT community and education is just sad.. Because that shame of gay and everything gay is still very much part of who he is, and worse, he’ll promote and encourage the brand of bigotry with heterosexuals he befriends.

Even sadder is the fact that there’s little doubt that Mommy dearest will pass all her fears onto child and because of her he will grow thinking that something inherently wrong is with gays. This is exactly how trauma makes its way into hatred and then homophobia.

2 thoughts on “Video – San Francisco Mom Freaks Over Field Trip To The Castro – Choosy Moms Choose Homophobia

  1. The mom did have a valid question, "what is an age appropriate way to talk to a second grader about gay people?"

    I would suggest telling a curious 2nd grader that gay people are two men or women who love each other very much. "Like mommy and daddy love each other, there are families with two daddies and two mommies who love each other and their kids just as much as I love you."

    Kids understand love very easily — more easily than some adults.

  2. True and thats a good answer.

    The field trip wasn't specifically about being gay though. It was a trip about neighborhood history and culture. Thats why I kinda blame the Mom for going a bit overboard.

    Also nice to see you here Joe. I am humbled. LOL

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