Video – Reba McEntire & Blake Shelton Slam Jake Gyllenhaal With Gay Joke At Country Music Awards

The 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Award were telecast last night, and hosts Blake Shelton and Reba “If I had any more plastic surgery I could play the Joker in the new Batman movie” McEntire played to their base and had the redneck IQ challenged audience roaring with laughter with a gay joke about Jake Gyllenhaal.

McEntire: “What in the world was Jake Gyllenhaal thinkin’ anyway, [to break up with Taylor Swift?]”

Shelton: “Wait a minute. He was in Brokeback Mountain.”

Cheap dated joke.  Hahahahahaha

In its day Country music used to be the music of outsiders alaJohnny Cash… but no more. Now it’s jingoistic, yahoos saying not much of anything and when they do it’s Toby Keith with a boot up the ass for all y’all pinko communist and Muslims.”

Reba should be ashamed of herself.

What do you think?

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