VIDEO PREVIEW – PBS’s American Experience Documentary ‘The Stonewall Uprising’ Airs Tonight – DON’T MISS IT

Tonight the PBS’s American Experience will air “The Stonewall Uprising,” a documentary that  revisits the 1969 showdown between New York police and the gay community that effectively changed our culture

Filmmakers Kate Davis and David Heilbroner start by digging out “educational” films that reflect the conventional wisdom of the day. Gays in these films are insidious, promiscuous and predatory, out only to seduce innocent young boys

To be publicly identified as gay was to be ruined, which meant among many other things that gay social life often was reduced enjoying a diluted, overpriced drink at a dingy bar like the Stonewall, which was mob-owned and could pay off the cops and still they would raid the bars and harass and jail the customers.

Until on the night of June 28, 1969 when the patrons said “no more.” and resisted, a crowd formed, and suddenly six cops were no match for thousands of angry LGBT and straight citizens.

Police and the original activist involved are interviewed for this documentary, and they all seem to agree now that even if the night was scary, it helped launch long-overdue changes in the way society regarded gay folks.

Hopefully watching this will recharge you and it does show how different life is today from back in 1969.  But that was over 40 years ago and still we have not achived our goal for Equailty.

Lets just hope that it doesn;t take 40 more years.

What do you think?

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