Video – Peter Sprig of the Family Research Council Hate Group: Just Because We Hate Gays It Doesn’t Make Us A Hate Group


The Family Research Council is one of the most heinous anti-gay groups of the 21st century.  And Peter Spigg, one of FRC’s most outspoken and hateful leaders who has in the past advocated for both criminalization of homosexuality and the mass exportation of gays from the United States, has the nerve and stupidity to complain about last year’s addition of the Family Research Council to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of officially recognized hate groups.

Guess what Peter Sprigg, and the FRC, it DOES make you a Hate Group.

Words have power and when you wield those words to denounce someone else it will then cause others to look at said group with disdain & disrespect where it’s obviously not justified. This includes the attention of people with a few short circuits in their brains who will thus take violent actions – no thanks to what started with YOUR WORDS. The divisive, ignorant views you hold against the LGBT community are incredibly sad and your hypocrisy even worse.

As for Bishop Harry Jackson.  Bigotry is Bigotry, no matter what color, race, or creed.  And there is NOTHING sadder and more hypocritical and ignorant in the world than one minority stepping upon and fighting against the rights of another.

What do you think?

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