Video: Bill Maher New Rules: Obama Needs To Force Gay Marriage On America Like The Republicans Would

On HBO’s  Real Time with Bill Maher this week, Maher took Obama and the Democratic party to task for not being able to pass gay marriage and gay equality laws in America.

“Now that a Cheney, a McCain and a Bush have come out to support gay marriage, it’s your turn, Obama.

53% of the people support it, which means that “47% of Americans are assholes.

But still, this is remarkable progress considering that it wasn’t that long ago that just saying the words gay marriage made most Americans throw up in their Cornflakes. So, tonight, I’d like to congratulate the leadership of the Democratic party who really stood up for what was right. I’d like to, but I can’t. Because other than Gavin Newsom, Dennis Kucinich and that Governor of New Jersey who went all Brokeback Mountain with his bodyguard, no Democrat would touch this issue with a ten inch pole.”

Maher then went on to crucify Democrats for being cowards and  running away while Republicans do the opposite and make Americans come to them and force them to do what they want even though it’s wrong.

“Unlike the Democrats, when Republicans believe in things that the public doesn’t, their response is ‘fuck it, we’ll make them believe.’ Like attacking Iraq… to avenge 9/11. Convincing a country that badly wanted healthcare reform that they actually didn’t want it… Like turning global warming into a hoax. That’s what conservatives do. Relentlessly push until the unthinkable becomes the consensus. The idea of blaming teachers for our financial crisis, which would have seemed completely lunatic a year ago, becomes the conventional wisdom. Republicans don’t run from unpopular stances and they stand by their convictions. Stupid, ignorant, world-destroying convictions based on disproven economic fantasies, and ancient books filled with primitive morality and magic people, but convictions nonetheless.”

Mike Huckabee said that everyone should be forced to watch David Barton.

I think all Americans should be forced to watch Bill Maher (And Jon Stewart) 24/7!

1 thought on “Video: Bill Maher New Rules: Obama Needs To Force Gay Marriage On America Like The Republicans Would

  1. You're ridiculous. He makes one positive comment about gay marriage and that supposedly erases all of the douchebaggery that the man has participated in? He has made racist, sexist and ableist comments on his show numerous times. Even a broken clock is right twice and a day and that is no reason to praise this asshat. In the very same show that this segment came from he made ableist remarks. It is interesting how you can overlook that because he said something in favour of marriage.

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