Tony Perkins FRC Hate Group President "Gays Are TERRORISTS!" – Lets Have A Look At Your Past Fatwas, Shall We?

This has moved from cultural terrorism to corporate terrorism. That’s what this is. Now, back in the 80’s and early 90’s I worked with the state department in anti-terrorism and we trained about fifty different countries in defending against terrorism, and it’s, at it’s base, what terrorism is, it’s a strike against the general populace simply to spread fear and intimidation so that they can disrupt and destabilize the system of government. That’s what the homosexuals are doing here to the legal system.” – Family Research Council President Ms.Tony Perkins, on King & Spalding’s DOMA withdrawal.

What a drama queen!  And totally hypocritical from a the Religious Right which has a long and dark history of “terrorism”

*  Jan 21, 1966 – Ralph Abernathy, vice president of King’s Southern Christian Leadership Con ference, discussed plans for the boycott at a meeting of Negroes here “SCLC is going to turn Birmingham, Ala., upside down

* 1984 – Such disclaimers failed to convince the watchful religious Right. During his American tour in 1984, Mormon elders at Brigham Young University decided he had come to advocate perversion and banned his posters and records. When it was learned that Boy George would make his television advertising debut touting Nabisco Shredded Wheat, flyers distributed in Toronto called for a boycott.

*  May 8, 1993 – The leader of a new, influential anti-Amendment 2 group hopes the national boycott of Colorado may be subsiding. Linda Fowler, director of the Colorado Alliance to Restore Equality, said attention then could focus on broader homosexual-related civil-rights issues

* Jun 1996 – The AFA boycott of Disney received support in June 1996 from the Southern Baptist Conference, which announced that it was joining the AFA boycott forces to demand that Disney discontinue its “gay-friendly” policies

* Oct 26, 2004 – Christians who support “traditional marriage” should choose their laundry detergent and toothpaste very carefully. That’s what some antigay religious leaders are urging in light of Procter & Gamble’s efforts to repeal an antigay ordinance in Cincinnati where P&G is headquartered.

* Dec 15, 2005 – CHICAGO (AFX) – A conservative Christian group has made fresh threats to boycott Ford vehicles after the automaker said it would resume advertising in gay publications. The American Family Association, which claims more than three mln supporters

* Mar 15, 2006 – Other groups joining the boycott include the Center for Reclaiming America, Coalitions for America, and the Liberty Counsel. “Ford has the right to financially support homosexual groups promoting homosexual marriage, but at the same time, consumers have a right not to purchase their cars.

And this is just a very small portion of the religious rights “terrorism” which they seem to so quickly forget.

And speaking of forgetting Tony.  Since you brought up the 90’s how about finally explaining your connection to David Duke and the KKK?

Inquiring terrorist want to know.

What do you think?

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