NOM’s Maggie Gallagher Confuses Defense With Persecution: ""Is everyone entitled to a lawyer?"

Haul me up on a cross with a crane Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization of Marriage is at it again wringing her cow hooves and having her utters all in an uproar over the fact that we LGBT’s might be just a tad upset that the GOP is going out of its way to still go after DOMA and hired a “supposedly” gay friendly  law firm that handles many gay friendly companies to do it.

“Is everyone entitled to a lawyer? Not in HRC’s eyes. HRC is openly attempting to hurt an entire law firm, because one of its lawyers took on a client HRC does not like: the House’s defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. This kind of thing has been done behind the scenes many times–the use of class power behind the scenes to punish those who disagree with HRC on marriage. (I just spoke to the wife of a litigator in San Francisco who lost his job–was denied a partnership–because he donated to Prop 8.) But this is even worse, and very public: the attempt to punish an entire business enterprise because a lawyer defends what is in HRC’s eyes an unpopular client. Will the legal culture permit HRC to tell it who can hire a lawyer? We’ll see.” – Moogie on the NOM Blog

“I just spoke to the wife of a litigator in San Francisco who lost his job–was denied a partnership–because he donated to Prop 8.”

Maybe you should t talk with every last one of the California couples whose right to marry you, your Mormon bankers, and your crybaby con of a litigator took away. Margaret Gallagher Srivastav.

And by the way you stupid ugly cow in a civil case you actually have no right to representation. If we did then we would have to provide lawyers for the poor in civil cases. The entitlement to a lawyer in a civil case is limited to the ability to pay for representation and the ability to find a lawyer willing to take the case. The public has every right to oppose the private actions of the firm in choosing to accept the case. That’s called living in a free and fiar society.  

But that’s something you and your kind never want to happen now is it?

What do you think?

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