NOM Anti-Gay Activist Leader Louis Marinelli QUITS – Now Endorses Full Marriage Equality

The man behind The Nationial Organization for Marriage’s (failed) HATEAPOLOOZA the “One Man/One Woman – Summer of Marriage Tour” Louis Marinelli has quit NOM and now stands behind gay marriage equality BECAUSE of his constant exposure to Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, and NOM.

Says Marinelli via Good As You:

“While still not in full support of homosexuality on some levels (where he needs our help to correct misinformation), Louis is now [a] repudiating virtually all of the vitriol that he put on the public record; [b] is owning up to the major role that he’s played with NOM, including admitting that he was the impetus behind the whole summer tour; and [c] is coming out in full support of the civil marriage rights that gay people are seeking. And even more important that that: He, the man who gave NOM its official “protect marriage” Facebook page and who has been working as an independent contractor with the org. ever since (and still is, reporting directly to Brian Brown, at least up until the moment this post goes live), quite literally credits exposure to the NOM tour as the very thing that led to his change of heart!!!!!”

Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You broke this story and has an outstanding piece witten and an interview w/Louis as well as links to his official statement, an interview, and much more.

What do you think?

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