National Organization Sets Up Point Reward System For Anti-Gay Propagandist – What’s On Your Hate Site?

Louis J Marinelli who defected from the National Organization for Marriage this weekend is like a gift that keeps on giving.

First Louis exposed NOM for what a few of us actually thought it was.  Not a “grassroots campaign” against gay marriage, but small organization, with small pockets of anti-gay haters scattered across the country with big mouths bankrolled by private anti-gay big bucks backers.

Today on Marinelli’s blog,  Louis exposes NOM’s “reward point” system for haters.  In exchange for propaganda and lies posted on the web about the LGBT Community and gay marriage, NOM is offering reward points (see chart) that can be earned and redeemed at some later date for money or a lunch with NOM’s President Brian Brown (gasp!)

As part of my job with NOM, I was instructed to create a point system to reward the propagandists. Everything they do will be tracked and NOM plans to reward them. In the future, when this team gets off the ground, NOM intends to use the technology behind Mr. Brown’s ActRight conservative activism website to facilitate tracking, create a competitive atmosphere between the propagandists and allow them to redeem the points they earn in a variety of ways, including lunch with Mr. Brown himself.

Far from grassroots operation if you’re rewarding them with prizes and an all-inclusive lunch with the President of the organization. It’s appropriate for NOM though, considering the fact that those who do support them and spew their hate and rhetoric are completely comfortable doing so through a computer screen.

So there we have it.  Like the Moral Minority of the 80’s who then called themselves the Moral Majority and like the Tea Party of the present.  They are just small minded evil people with big mouths and big money backing them.  The lie, plant propaganda, scream, buy airtime and politicians and repeat the rhetoric over and over.  That’s been their strategy since Jerry Fawell came on the scene.

We’ve seen this over and over for the past 30 years.  It’s time to bust-up that strategy, use it against them and expose them

What do you think?

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