National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher Slams Dan Savage

Maggie “”Moooo-gie” Gallagher of The National Organization for Marriage took to the NOM blog to attack Dan Savage who created the “It Get’s Better Project” that helps undo the harm that Maggie and her hateful co-horts do to LGBT teens and adults self esteem to slam his upcoming MTV show.

“There was a thoughtful analysis of [Savage’s] sexual ethics in the Washington Monthly recently, for folks who want to get a taste of what he writes. The essay, by a Lutheran Minister, ends by pointing out where Savage ethics lead. A young man, in love with his girlfriend, with whom he has had a rather open and satisfying sexual relationship, but is tempted by more “sexual variety” asks how he can ask for that without ruining his relationship, which he values. Savage, who for all his experience, does not know what women are like, advises him to tell her openly and honestly what he wants, because otherwise the young man will just cheat on her.

The Lutheran minister, wiser in the ways of men and women, suggests that this young man is going to get pretty lonely looking for another woman able to give him all this young woman does–and who doesn’t mind his playing around on the side. The possibility of taming one’s sexual desire for the sake of another, or of a vow, is not in the Savage moral imagination. Libido will have out, and honesty about that is the best policy. He brings, in other words, the best of gay sexual ethics and experience to a straight audience, with potentially disastrous results.”

Oh how rich. This coming from.

A sexual ethics essay from a woman who has a bastard child out of wedlock and works for a hateful “family values” organization and she has the NERVE to question Savage’s “morality”?

Let’s face it.  Gallagher’s animosity towards Dan Savage has a lot to do with the success of the It Gets Better Campaign and the fact that Savage will stand up and speak his mind against hateful hypocrites like her.

As for the “morality” of his new show on MTV.  She does know that MTV is the same channel that shows a program called “16 and Pregnant” right?

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  1. This woman is not only un believable, but she flat out needs some serious psychiatric help. Like, for real. Wtf is her obsession with gay sex? And, you are right, sexual ethics taught by someone who hasn't even followed her own damn rules is ridiculous! Appalling, the things this woman says.

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