HBO’s True Blood and Mildred Pierce Star Evan Rachel Wood Comes Out: "I’m Bisexual"

First it was Anna Paquin and now another “True Blood” cast member, Evan Rachel Wood has now declared her Bisexuality to the world in the April 26th issue of Esquire magazine.

“This is the third such hint in the conversation, after that androgyny comment and saying she’d “marry” her Mildred Pierce costar Kate Winslet if she could.

You date women?

“Yes,” she says proudly, as if she was waiting to be asked.

Do you look for different things in men than in women?

I’m more kind of like the guy when it comes to [dating] girls,” Wood says. “I’m the dominant one…I’m opening the doors, I’m buying dinner. Yeah, I’m romantic. “I’m constantly changing, I’m constantly growing. I think I’m a little controversial…I just try and keep some mystery, so hopefully people can’t really put their finger on it

Totally not surprising, especially after dating Marilyn Manson.  But I think she likes to go for the shock factor as well especially after the dull as dishwater HBO Mini-Snooze Mildred Pierce remake.

NOW, if only the men of True Blood would be so open and honest. 

Sam?, Jason?, Eric?, Hoyt?….Bueller?…anybody?

What do you think?

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