Hate Group President Tony Perkins Whines About King & Spaulding Law Firm Dropping Out Of DOMA Defense

“Looking for attorneys that won’t buckle under pressure? Don’t bother contacting King & Spalding. In a stunning announcement, the Atlanta-based firm just dropped the most high-profile client on its books: the U.S. House of Representatives. Barely a week ago, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) hired King & Spalding to go to bat for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) when the Obama administration refused. Within hours, the homosexual community was up in arms.
Led by the so-called Human Rights Campaign, activists promised to target the firm until its attorneys dropped the case. Five days later, they did. Unable — and unwilling — to take the heat, King and Spalding took the cowardly way out. Once again we see how the activists who are trying to redefine marriage want to shut down any and all public debate. King & Spalding have proven that they are not advocates for the law — but for a small but influential cabal that want to undermine policy and society.” – Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, via daily whine release.

Okay Tony old girl we need to get something straight here….

King & Spaulding is a BUSINESS.  They represent over one half of the Fortune 100 Companies.  They have the right to pick and choose which cases they will take, especially if it will cause them loss of business or they think they cannot win.

The defense of DOMA that you talk about is a CIVIL CASE.  And civil cases actually have no right to representation.  If they did then we would have to provide lawyers for the poor in civil cases. The entitlement to a lawyer in a civil case is limited to the ability to pay for representation and the ability to find a lawyer willing to take the case.  Also DOMA in itself serves no purpose, harms the public interest, and does not need to be defended.  Not one person gains from DOMA. With a criminal defendant, you client has something to lose — they could go to jail.  A civil client might have to pay damages but thats not the case here,

Also BONER and the House has to act in the public interest, not harm the public interest.  Lawyers always serve honorably if their client needs a defense, not when the sole issue is shall we harm a minority for no reason.

Also there are confirmed reports that it wasn’t only the HRC but King and Spaulding partners who were also up in arms because they weren’t consulted before Paul Clements signed the contracts thus his hasty exit after King & Spaulding dropped the case.

So suck it up bitch.  And we all know its not the first time you’ve done that Princess

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