Attorney General Eric Holder Praises Anti-Gay Lawyer – Compares DOMA Defense To Gitmo

Attorney general Eric Holder who has made a career out of defending DOMA has come out swinging in defense of former Solicitor General and friend Paul Clement, after gay rights advocates criticized his decision to take on the defense of the Defense of Marriage Act in court and the law firm he belonged to King & Spalding’s decision to drop the case after LGBT advocates, activists, staff within the form and  some of the Fortune 100 Companies that King & Spalding represents openly showed disgust, anger and shock that they would take on the case.

“Paul Clement is a great lawyer and has done a lot of really great things for this nation. In taking on the representation–representing Congress in connection with DOMA, I think he is doing that which lawyers do when we’re at our best,” Holder said during a roundtable with reporters at the Justice Department. “That criticism, I think, was very misplaced.. 

Holder also compared the criticism of Clement to the attacks on Justice Department lawyers for their past work for detainees at Guantanamo. “It was something we dealt with here in the Department of Justice…The people who criticized our people here at the Justice Department were wrong then, as are people who criticized Paul Clement for the representation that he’s going to continue,” Holder added

Holder who should first be brought before the President to explain why he went public with such a statement is mistaken.   Paul Clement’s action is not virtuous; he is not Atticus Finch here defending a black man in the racist south. He’s defending a law that has been declared unconstitutional, and whose philosophical basis is animosity and religiosity.

And according to according to Holder, gay people using every pressure point they have to try to end the sweeping legal oppression of them is equivalent to anti-Muslim bigots wanting to execute brown people without trials?  There is something very wrong here and insulting.

One can defend a person out of a belief in the basic human right of legal representation. Ideas do not have such rights; to defend an idea is to advocate for that idea. It’s ridiculous nonsense to assert a parallel between defending DOMA (an idea) and defending Guantanamo detainees

Perhaps it’s time someone explained to our Attorney General the difference between those who criticize you for defending the Bill of Rights versus those who criticize you for attacking the Bill of Rights.

To quote John Avarois from AMERICABlog Gay.

Eric Holder is no friend of civil rights.  He spent two years not only defending DOMA when he didn’t have to, he even had his agency outright lie to the entire world about that defense.  We have no choice but to defend the law in court, Holder had his people lie to us repeatedly and publicly.  Holder then had his people go to court and use one of George Bush’s own DOMA briefs to defend the law.  Holder had his people invoke incest and pedophilia to justify anti-gay prejudice.  And Holder claimed he knew nothing about the anti-gay anti-marriage effort in Maine, one week before the vote to repeal our rights, when he was in the state.  With a track record like that against any other minority, Holder would have been out on his ass long ago.  But because our attorney general keeps taking swipes at gays and lesbians, somehow it’s okay.

It really is sad how whenever this administration starts to mend fences with the gay community, some freelancing idiot at some agency takes it upon himself to screw things up all over again.  If the White House cares about the gay vote, they will publicly rebuke the attorney general now.

For the past two years Obama has had a major problem keeping his staff, and Democrats on the hill in line and in step with him.

I am sick and tired of the arrogance of the oppressor in dictating when and how I’m allowed to air my grievances. They are OUR grievances – dammit – and those grievance extend to the immoral profiteering of an attorney whose greed obviously doubles as morality to Eric Holder

The White House must take a stand NOW.


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