Attention Sweetie Darlings! "Absolutely Fabulous" Will Return With Three NEW Episodes!

Start planning those parties and stocking up on champers and nibbly bits because Absolutely Fabulous is set to return to BBC1 after an absence of six years with three NEW episodes!

The BBC said it was “putting the finishing touches to the deal” and is expected to confirm it imminently and also Joanna Lumley told Hello! magazine that shooting will begin in the summer, but she said Saunders had not yet started on the script.

“In late August I start filming on three episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, which we are all ecstatic about,” added Lumley. “Miss Saunders has been so busy writing Uptown Downstairs Abbey for Comic Relief and also Spice Girls: The Musical, I don’t think she’s started [the script].”

“Jen wrote to me and said, ‘Let’s talk through it. What do you think?’. And I said, ‘Bring it on’. Because we’re all still here. Mother’s still alive, the wonderful June Whitfield. Julia Sawalha [and] Jane Horrocks [are] all still alive and available … and I think we just have to do it,” she said at the time.


 More AbFab! More vodka, chain smoking, pointless sex, psychotic self-centeredness and clueless classlessness!. That is EXACTLY what we all need right now.  To brighten up this otherwise dreary world.

Bring it on darlings.  WE ARE WAITING!

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