3000 Parishoners Leave Finland’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Over Anti-Gay Group Subsidy

In Finland, being a homosexual has been legal since the early 1970’s and discrimination based on sexual orientation has been illegal since 1985 but that still doesn’t stop anti-gay “christians” from trying to debase and harm the LGBT Community thier like in the United States.

 “älä alistu” (“Don’t acquiesce”), claims that gay people can become straight and urged youths not to give in to thoughts of homosexuality.and in one promotional video, a young woman called Anni describes how she stopped being bisexual and compared her situation to that of being a reformed murderer.

The Lutheran Evangelical Association, which is Finland’s national church, did not lead the campaign but they do subsidize the organization that did. 

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen, of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, criticised the campaign and said it should be stopped. immediately and stressed that gay people were not sick and had been created by God the way they were

In protest over 3000 Finnish Lutherans have signed an online petition declaring that they were leaving the church because of the financial backing of  “älä alistu” (“Don’t acquiesce”).

Martin Luther would be proud.

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