WOW Adam Baldwin of "Chuck" and "Firefly" Is An Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Womans Choice, Anti-Union, NRA Card Carrying GOP Tea Party Patriot Loon.

I only recently got into TWITTER.  But I am beginning to find out that has its ups and downs.

The upside being that you can make new friends from around the world, catch up whats going on and follow celebrities as they tweet about upcoming shows, gossip and social issues and sometimes even send and receive messages to them.

The downside is when you stumble upon a celebrity that you like and it turns out that he’s a batshit crazy GOP/Teabagging Conservative asshole that makes Victoria Jackson seem sane.  Well that’s what happened to me when I stumbled upon Adam Baldwin’s Twitter account recently.
Turns out Baldwin known for his current role on “Chuck” and Joss Whedon’s awesome Sci- series “Firefly, not to mention the 80’s teen cult classic My Bodyguard is a real fucking piece of work.    Anti-gay marriage, anti-woman’s choice, and anti-union. Which in itself  HYPOCRITICAL and  HYSTERICAL since he must belong to 3 Unions SAG, AFTRA, and Equity, if not more.

Baldwin is the walking poster boy for the Fox News Crazy, and the GOP Tea Party CRAZY Motherfucking parasites out there that think they are “patriots” who in reality if our founding fathers were alive today would probably be jail, ship back to England, or hung for treason.

Baldwin and those like him are attempting to take control of our country and harm everyone who doesn’t walk the way they do. think the way they do, or believe in what they believe.  And at this I draw the line.

If you follow me on Twitter @Back2Stonewall_  (Don’t forget the underscore) you are well aware of the fact that Baldwin and I have been getting into it for weeks.  So since Baldwin has no problem Tweeting his views to his fans and fellow Teajhadist.  I have no problem re-posting them here for everyone to see. 

You know I can go on and on about what a complete start raving extreme right wing nutter he is.  But I’ll let his Tweets speak for themselves.

Click the READ MORE below to see some of Baldwin’s most “patriotic” tweets.

Oh and Baldwin.  Fuck you very much!

4 thoughts on “WOW Adam Baldwin of "Chuck" and "Firefly" Is An Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Womans Choice, Anti-Union, NRA Card Carrying GOP Tea Party Patriot Loon.

  1. @David- I totally agree. It's really sad to see that not only is he a far-right fundie, but he's really obnoxious and grating about it, too. I thought Jane was a character, not the actual guy.

  2. I once asked him if he really believed that Obama was the same, or even worse, as hardcore socialist Hugo Chavez. I didn’t get an answer, just a block.
    This guy is a total fucking loon and will only tolerate dittoheads.

  3. Well of course the author thinks Adam Baldwin is crazy, since the author himself is a left-wing ‘crazy’ who as evidenced here cannot handle someone who has a different opinion without their own head exploding. Anti-union? So what. Unions are crap and simply a hurdle between employee and employer. Anti gay marriage? So what, nothing wrong with standing up for traditional marriage. I say get over yourself and grow up, not everyone will agree with you.

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