Video – Iowa Pastor Brett Girouex Charged With 60 Counts of Molestation Of Boys To ‘Pray The Gay Away’

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In what has to be one of the most disturbing and disgusting stories to hit the press lately that highlights the absolute hypocrisy, evil and sickness that the far right wing  religious extremist harbor  Council Bluffs youth pastor Brent Girouex had admitted to having sex with four teen boys  trying to help them gain “sexual purity in the eyes of God.” and that Girouex felt it was his duty “to help (the teens) with homosexual urges by praying while he had sexual contact with them.”

Court documents indicated Girouex told investigators the most sexual contact he had was with one teen over a four-year period, starting when the boy was 14 years old. Girouex speculated that he had “mutual” sexual contact with the teen between “25 and 50 times” over the four-year period. When investigators spoke to the teen, who is now an adult, he told them the number was between 50 and 100 times.

This is just an example of how mentally disturbing fundamental christian indoctrination can be…  It becomes the focus of your reality, and the real world has to fit it, no matter how obsense or depraved it becomes.  The sick isn’t being gay, the sick isn’t having a religion…it’s the brainwashing that comes from these god-damned fundamentalists.

Castration is far to good for Brett Girouex

You can read below the statement from Victory Fellowship Church where their hearts go out to the “victims” but do they have to make a point of saying that “To our knowledge, none of the crimes that were committed occurred at Victory Fellowship or during any church-related events.”  Brent Girouex was your youth ministry pastor.  That’s pretty goddamn church related if you ask me.

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