Video – GLAAD Media Award Nominee Miller Brewing Company Airs Homophobic Commercial.

GLAAD has nominated  the Miller Brewing Company for a Media Advertising Award this year for its Miller Lite brand making the case once again that there is no reason for GLAAD to exist and they are woefully out of touch, off base, and in it for the money. 

If not how could they nominate Miller for an award while the company is responsible for this commercial.

GLAAD you are an embarrassment.

1 thought on “Video – GLAAD Media Award Nominee Miller Brewing Company Airs Homophobic Commercial.

  1. Mixed feelings on this one. Yes, of course, I see your point. But the guy isn’t specifically gay. He’s one of the MANY metrosexual types who shave their chest (and that includes Chris Evans.)

    What was their point? That shaving one’s chest is not masculine enough to gain sponsorship? Honestly, I was left kinda wondering what the guy’s problem was supposed to be.

    There’s a difference between homophobia and this. If they had depicted a same-sex couple coming to the door holding hands, or something equally telling, I’d probably agree with your perspective. As it stands, it comes off as a bit of a backhanded slam against the driver who is handing out the awards.

    If it were specifically and clearly a gay person, I’d be right there with you. In this case, all *I* see is that the driver is bothered by a somewhat artificial styling, the meterosexuals.

    Miller and several other companies have done an about-face since the late 70’s and early 80’s. But why? They’re not embracing gay people. They’re embracing the money that the gay community brings. Lets’ be real about it, okay?

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