Thank You and Fuck You – DEMS Introduce DOMA Repeal And Say ENDA Is Up Next. Even Though They Can’t Pass!

As many of you have heard this week Congressional Democrats introduced a bill to Repeal DOMA.  And now Barney Frank says  that he expects ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act  to be introduced in the House “any day now” (Even though Barney has said that for the past two year now)  But what if they do actually introduce a Bill for ENDA?

Should we fall on our knees and express our undying devotion?  Or should we say… “Well gee Dems.  Thank you for soooooooooooo very much for thinking of us introducing BOTH these Bills when they have a snowballs chance in hell of passing now that you lost what little power you have in Washington.”

Was this your plan all along?  Back after Obama took office and you controlled BOTH  the House and Senate was it someones bright idea to focus on Health Care the first two years and push the gays to the back of the bus and then after the 2010 election to introduce LGBT Equality Bills?   I bet you thought that we wouldn’t mind since HRC and “The Task Force” were probably in on the plan.  And as long as Joe Solmonese got his cocktail parties at The White House and Rea Carey had her movie nights with Barack and Michelle that everything would be okay and we LGBTer’s would tow the party line.

But who knew that r spinelessness with Health Care Bill and would handle the GOP and the Tea Party as lamely as you did that it would fuck you up so much did you so that you suffered one of the most embarrassing defeats in political history in the 2010 midterm elections and would lose what little control you had. 

Go figure?

And NOW that you realize that you are in dire need of support and the money of the same LGBT people YOU turned your two faced backs in 2008 on to regain the power you lost in 2012. Now you are working for our equality?

Well guess what?  My momma raised sluts not fools.

Just because some idiot strategist  up on the hill thought “Well lets show them we like them, we REALLY like them!  And we’ll introduce bills to repeal DOMA and try to move ENDA forward, they won’t pass of course, but it will look like we are doing something for them and when the Republicans kill them both they’ll be so mad at them they’ll love us again!”


When you had the slim chance of actually perhaps passing BOTH these Bills between 2008 and 2010 you threw the LGBT Community under the bus to focus on Health Care (because obviously no one in Congress can multi-task) And NOW to add insult to injury you introduce two of the most important bills that relate to LGBT Equality knowing full well that they WON’T PASS?

To me this is nothing more than spitting in our communities face.

You want our support? You want our money?  Then you better work girls and make damn sure that BOTH the DOMA Repeal and ENDA pass.  Because if they don’t its just more twist of the knife and the same shit from a party that we can’t trust.

Fuck me once…. shame on you.

Fuck me twice….shame on me.

What do you think?

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