Joe Jonas Goes In Deep, The Closet That Is: "I’m Not Gay"

Joe Jonas in the new issue of Details magazine laughingly denies the many, ehhm, “rumors” about his sexuality.

He won’t say whether his album will contain a [Taylor] Swift rebuttal—just that there will be songs about “different love scenarios that I’ve been through, breakups, hurts. Me hurting somebody and feeling bad about it. I think there’s a lot of scenarios where people might wanna hear my side of the story.”

But who would break up with Joe?

“Some guy,” he says with a laugh.

It’s a nod to the gay rumors he’s been fending off ever since he got into a verbal altercation with some taunting paparazzi earlier this year.

“There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” he says now, “but I’m not.” Adding to the buzz, he dressed up in a leotard and heels and danced to “Single Ladies”—to comic effect—to square a sports bet with some buddies. He got the idea from his fans. The video of his performance got more than 25 million hits on YouTube

Ummmm okaaaaay.

Now usually its hard to argue with pretty like Joe BUT……….

Every other day you are shopping in West Hollywood, hanging out in West Hollywood, and ALWAYS with your super beefy bodyguard and another constant (male) companion
And Joe, bro……

‘I’m not gay’. Where have we  heard that before from a celebrity singer? Elton John? George Michael? Ricky Martin? and Clay Aiken perhaps?

You are a damn fine looking guys.  If you think you have to do this now to keep the career going that’s your decision.  We’ll just mark our calender for 10 years from now when the career is fading and the eyes are sagging and wait for your mea culpa tour and People cover


Will Kohler

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