Indiana Senate Approves Gay Marriage Ban. Where the HELL was HRC and The Task Force?

Today by an overwhelming majority of 40-10 the GOP-dominated Indiana Senate voted to add a ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state constitution joining Ohio as having one of the strictest state DOMA laws on the books.

We knew it was coming.  Its been on the LGBT news and LGBT blog circuits for weeks. 

My question is where the hell was the Human Rights Campaign and The Task Force and what, if anything did they do or even try to do to stop this from happening? 

Did they organize petitions?  Letter writing campaigns?  Protests? Phone call swarms to the Indiana Reps?  As far as I know the answer is no.

You see the Gay Inc on the National level would never dirty their hands fighting in Middle America.  After all they have a hard enough time in Washington DC.  But you can bet that if it was Californian, New York, or Washington, DC that had a gay marriage ban set for a vote they’d be all over it. And there would be press releases and petitions flying because it makes good press (and is good for donations) and besides who cares about Middle America right?  Even though Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa and also the South is where this where the homophobic hate breeds and where many anti-gay hate groups start.

So while HRC sits in their 8 Million dollar office building in Washington DC, and readies the sacrilegious HRC “gift shop” in Harvey Milks Camera Store in San Francisco and “The Task Force” is busy working on their next “Creating Change Conference” which really creates no change really but does make a nice chuck of change for The Task Force and makes it seem like they are actually doing something, today in Indiana Lesbians and Gays were officially deemed again as second class citizens in Indiana.

Until those who claim that they lead us and gleefully accept millions upon millions of gay dollars every year to supposedly fight for our rights refuse to get out of their ivory office towers and stop throwing gala’s and learn to throw down and FIGHT in the places where the hate festers, breeds and spreads like cancer outward there will be no change, and we will never win our rights.

Thanks for nothing, as usual Gay Inc.

What do you think?

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