Donald Trump Admits He Doesn’t Think LGBT’s Should Have ANY Rights At All!

According to the Des Moines Register, Trump who is trying to test the waters and gather steam for a Presidential run in 2012 (God Help Us) comes clean on his views of LGBT Rights and its not only NOT PRETTY but Medieval and Trump seems to be running on the gay hating neanderthal platform.

After indicating to the Des Moines Register that he will compete in next year’s Iowa caucus should he decide to seek office, Trump was questioned on his stance concerning same sex marriages. “They should not be able to marry,” the Celebrity Apprentice star asserted. Trump also admitted that he hasn’t developed a “fully formed” opinion on extending medical and civil benefits to gay couples, but he added: “As of this moment, I would say no and no.” The TV personality has suggested that he will announce his final decision on whether to launch a presidential bid in the coming months.

Nice huh?

Well guess what Trump?

YOU’RE FIRED!  MAKE SURE NOT TO WATCH The Celebrity Apprentice which premieres March 6 on NBC!

*UPDATE April 3, 2011 – FOX NEWS Hores Donald Trump!

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Admits He Doesn’t Think LGBT’s Should Have ANY Rights At All!

  1. If you want your article to have any strength, please make sure you use proper spelling. These days it can't be that difficult to spell words correctly, or use proper grammar. Here, let me spell check for you:

    Change "Medeval" to "Medieval"
    Change "neanderthan" to "neanderthal"
    Change "Your Fired" to "You're Fired"

    Now that we've gotten the technical aspect out of the way, I am actually surprised to hear that Trump is supportive of the LGBT community. I wouldn't have thought he'd feel this way. I can only hope it is a false report from the Des Moines Register and that he didn't really say these things…

  2. Sorry about the spelling but readers need to bear in mind that I don;t do this "professionally" and I make no money from this Blog like others LGBT do. It is not my "job". I post what I can, when I can between work and real life and that sometimes, most of the times means I rush in doing so and thus the typo's. I personally believe the content is more important than a few mistakes. But I will try harder.

    THAT being said.

    I believe this reposrt. His dislike of Rosie. His asking a STR8 contestant on The Apprentice if he was gay, and he is most probably pandering for votes from the extreme gay hating right.

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