BUSTED – Newt Gingrich Donates 125K Directly To Officially Recognized Hate Group American Family Association

It’s now being exposed that Newt Gringrich has funneled more than $125,000.00 to the officially recognized hate group “American Family Association to remove three sitting Supreme Court justices in Iowa over their ruling in favor of marriage equality.

Gingrich’s group, Renewing American Leadership funneled the money to the AFA which has bragged that his group was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the effort in Iowa.
Gingrich, the former U.S. House speaker who has aggressively courted the conservatives who dominate Iowa’s lead-off presidential caucuses, raised the money for the political arm of Restoring American Leadership, also known as ReAL.

That group then passed $125,000 to American Family Association Action and an additional $25,000 to the Iowa Christian Alliance — two of the groups that spent millions before last November’s elections that removed three of the state’s seven state Supreme Court justices. The court had unanimously decided a state law restricting marriage to a man and a woman violated Iowa’s constitution

Newt who wants to be President  married one woman whom he abandoned when she was riddled with cancer on her hospital bed while you fuck the shit out of your mistress whom you later marry and cheat on her with a third woman.

Back in the early/mid 90’s, when Gingrich wanted to “bring back shame”. 

 Look at him, he proves that it never left.

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