WIN $1000 DOLLARS In The "Johnny Are You Queer?" Video Contest Judged By Josie Cotton!

Josie Cotton the new wave pop princess who burst on the scene in the early 80’s with her big hit “Johnny Are You Queer” which became a staple in the underground club scene, and was featured sung by Josie in the classic film Valley Girl is BACK and  in celebration of her new album ‘Pussycat Babylon’ is running and judging a Youtube contest asking fans to make their own ‘Johnny Are You Queer?” video along with twin brothers Jackson and Coleman Vrana of the SUPER HOT duo  Elephant .
Prize Details
$1000 for the most YouTube hits.
$500 for Josie’s favorite (when sober, which isn’t often.
5 runner up prizes of $100 chosen by random

Check out the Contest Rules and Entry Info by CLICKING HERE.

And before any prissy UBER PC Queens out their get your tighty whiteys in a bunch.  It’s just a song   It has not and never will be a slam or slander.   Many of us gay boys from the 80’s LOVED this song and still do.  So relax.  It’s a fucking classic!

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