One thought on “Video – Ronald Reagan Said Union Membership To Be A Basic Right – Suck On That GOP Teabaggers

  1. Today I heard hanutty bring up impeachment. (He mentioned Newt brought it up somewhere.) I tried to call his ass out, but he wasn't taking calls.
    He claimed it was Obama's constitutional obligation to defend a federal law.

    Immigration and Naturalization Service v. Chadha in 1983 In numerous laws, Congress had given itself, in effect, a one-house "legislative veto" over certain executive actions — in this case, Justice Department decisions to delay deportations. Even though numerous presidents had acquiesced in the practice, and Ronald Reagan supported legislative vetoes, Reagan's SG Rex Lee argued successfully that they were unconstitutional.

    Not only did his god not defend a law. His SG fucking argued against it!

    He also claimed Obama said he would not enforce Doma.

    Pants on fire!

    Oh and he mentioned the cow that is Raman Srivastav's beard.

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