The Truth About Chris Barron, Jimmy LaSalvia and GOProud And It Ain’t Pretty

“Chris R Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia from GOProud who have brought NOTHING to the table for the gay community…..except their own reflections.”  And they ain’t pretty!

A lot has been said as of late about Christopher R. Barron, Jimmy LaSalvia, and GOProud.  The “gay” GOP group that’s all smoke and mirrors and very little substance. 

Over the past weeks GOProud’s President Christopher R. Barron has been making quite a name for himself for all the wrong reasons and The Gemini Gazette has written an astoundling good disection of Barron, LaSalvia and GOProud to put it all in perspective.

Many of us were attempting to hold Chris Barron accountable for his words on Twitter that read, “The gay left = the American Taliban. Hateful, angry and dumb as shit.” Over the past couple of days, the overwhelming consensus of all gays has been an understandable rejection of this comparison, no matter who makes it, including (and maybe even especially) a fellow gay person….  Folks on the right were thrilled with Chris’ words and rushed to defend him through several tweets to me personally, only to consistently avoid any mention of Chris’ slur against the gay community and to engage in repeated attempts to change the subject, ala George Bush cronies, but they were of course unsuccessful.

I think its important to put his comments in the context of which they were said. It all started when someone tweeted to Chris,

“With a little wood putty and a chisel I can fix that face of yours and maybe the Blue Fairy will make you a real boy”

OUCH! While I admit these would be fighting words for most children on the playground, Chris bills himself as an adult, a leader, a gay man, and a conservative. So instead of addressing the discussion with the maturity of an adult, the temperament of a leader, the self respect of a gay man, and the ideals of a conservative, Chris lashed out in a fit of rage and made his now infamous statement:

“The gay left = the American Taliban. Hateful, angry and dumb as shit.”

So between the gay left and the CPAC conservatives, it seems that Chris can dish it out, but can’t take it when someone dishes it back at him. But as we peel back yet another layer of the onion, we see that playing the victim is Chris’ forte, including when Chris tweets on January 27, 2011,

Read it! RT @NYTimes Some Conservatives Boycott Conference Over Gay Group’s Role

But then yet another piece of the puzzle was revealed when on January 28, 2011, Chris tweets:

A sincere thank you to the CPAC boycotters, without you @GOProud would never have been this successful. #irony

And then on January 29, 2011, Chris tweets this:

Great piece RT @colocelt: GayPatriot – Is MSM missing the real story in CPAC/GOProud kerfuffle?

Oh how telling these tweets are. It appears that Chris Barron already understands that unless he can create some sort of controversy, his pack of wolves in gays’ clothing cannot succeed at establishing itself as either a Conservative, NOR a Gay organization. Even though he flatly denied that he was “playing the victim card” when interviewed by MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur….
Cenk Uygur later asks Chris, “the groups that are pulling out are HUGE, why don’t you get that they still don’t like you….it’s obviously because of your identity…” to which Chris responds with yet another blatant attack on the gay left saying,
“Look, I KNOW that you hate the fact that there are gay conservatives. I know you can’t stand the fact that there is a group of people who have wondered off the liberal plantation that don’t play your victim identity politics.” Cenk responded: “That’s ABSURD!”
And it IS absurd!…but believe it or not, it gets even worse. Chris then says,
“I’m part of a movement that offers REAL solutions to gay people, something that the left has absolutely FAILED to do in this country is offer real solutions that would improve the lives of gay people in this country. That’s why I’m a conservative…because we’re offering those solutions. Because we’re not playing the victim card here.” *crickets*

I really can’t do the The Gemini Gazette’s article justice here by using just snippets.  You really must go over to the site and read the entire article it is a must read.

And yes, I admit that I was the one that tweeted Barron with the wood putty and real boy comment.  Do I have any regrets?  Not a one. 

Would I do it again? 


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