Shia LaBeouf In Bar Brawl After Being Called "Fucking Faggot"

Shia LaBeouf struck back at an idiot fan literally at Mad Bull’s Tavern in Los Angeles after being called a “fucking faggot” for not stopping to have his picture taken

Mark Mastro,  the idiot who was “attacked” by LaBeouf, says all he had wanted was a picture but he LaBeouf refused.

Via Radar Online:

“‘My friend said, ‘what’s up Shia’?’ Mastro says. ‘Shia told him to ‘get the f**k out of my way.’ He was slurring his words. ‘That’s when I said to my buddy, ‘don’t worry, he’s just a f**cking fagot anyway’,’ Mastro says.”

“‘He turned around, cursed me out, and I started laughing.’ Mastro explains that the actor then jumped in his black truck which was parked directly in front of Mad Bull’s.”

“‘All of a sudden, he jumped out, and ran back towards the bar. He charged at me! I jumped over the patio fence onto the sidewalk to get away from him. But he kept coming after me. ‘He was getting in my face. He was talking sh*t. He was chest-bumping me.'”

“That’s when the bouncer jumped in, Mastro says. ‘A bouncer put Shia in a head lock.’

When the police arrived LaBeouf was handcuffed but were released shortly afterward

The idiot Mastro casually saying “yeah, he’s just a faggot” pretty much says everything needed about the type of individual he is, not even bringing into discussion the fact he’s selling his story everywhere.

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